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Our Future Projects

Publish Date: 29-12-2013 | A- A A+

Future Projects

NRC plans, programs and projects are an ongoing process. Currently, NRC is planning the construction of a permanent headquarters; it is conceived as a one-stop medical treatment center that will provide treatment services for all types of addiction in line with the latest scientific solutions. It will be made up of several suites including Diagnosis, Toxicity Elimination, Rehabilitation, Teens and VIPs.

It is intended to provide a home-like caring facility where people inflicted with addiction for different reasons are looked after, enabled to resume their normal life and guided for social inclusion while their privacy is well maintained.

NRC Permanent Headquarters

One of the most leading medical projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the National Rehabilitation Center Permanent Headquarters will mark a qualitative shift in addiction treatment. It is a 169-bed capacity hospital that will provide treatment, rehabilitation and social inclusion services based on international health programs and standards to male and female addicts.

Located in Khalifa City B next to Al Mafraq Hospital, new NRC will be built on an area of 108,000 m² over two phases. With an area of 50,000 m², phase 1 facilities comprise male and female inpatient buildings, administration, outpatient clinics, daily care centers, family center and support buildings including laboratories, pharmacies and other services.

Inpatient buildings are designed to meet multi-stage treatment requirements; they include distinct suites for toxicity elimination, rehabilitation, critical cases and double diagnosis in addition to special suites with complementary services for teens of both sexes.

New NRC overall design was subject to a number of research and field studies conducted by a special team form NRC to ensure the design observes all expected medical requirements. The new hospital is designed in accordance with the best international medical standards; besides, rehab requirements are observed in building design and finishing material specifications. Once completed as scheduled in early 2016, the new treatment complex is expected to get a certification of two pearls on UPC Pearl Rating System of green buildings and sustainability.
When fully operational, the new NRC will be locally and internationally classified as a flagship fit-for-purpose health facility providing quality and comprehensive addiction treatment services for both sexes in UAE.


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