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NRC Organizational Structure

Publish Date: 29-12-2013 | A- A A+

National Rehabilitation Center established in 2002 to provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative services for adult Emirati males. Based on the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to the Center it has developed an organizational structure that can reach its goals and assisted in providing services efficiently.

National Center for rehabilitation starts his work with organizational structure limited in two departments and four sections which represent a huge obstacles in the face of the development of the center and the implementation of expansion programs as well as career development for employees.

In 2009, it was necessary for the center to expand its services, to be able to provide a better quality of treatment services and rehabilitation for his patients, for all of these it must develop a strategic plan and to re-examine and restructure the organizational structure in the light of these changes and expansions, and thus enables the center to provide services a high degree of quality and functional stuff appropriate. So The center has developed a plan for workforce consistent with the new restructuring, which resulted in new jobs commensurate with the requirements of providing treatment and rehabilitation services, and managed to recruit professionals in the field of addiction.

NRC administrative and service structure is shown below.



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