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Winter Camp for schoolchildren

Publish Date: 07-12-2017 | A- A A+

Winter Camp for schoolchildren

The national rehabilitation Centre intends to hold a winter camp for a group of schoolchildren during the period between 17-28 December 2017 with the view of taking advantage of the school break to organize cultural and leisure activities during this period.

Aims of the camp:

  1. Raise awareness about the dangers of drugs and substances.
  2. Provide youth with life skills which help them distance themselves from drugs and substances
  3. Find a group of youngsters who can act as ambassadors for the NRC in delivering awareness messages about the dangers of drugs amongst their peers in society.
  4. Fill youngsters’ time during the break with meaningful cultural and leisure activities.

Targeted category:

  • 14-18 year old boys and girls attending public and private schools.

Date and place:

  • During the period from 17-21 December for boys and 24-28 December for girls.
  • The camp will be held at the NRC Building in Shakhboot City.

Programme presenters:

  • Two international specialists in presenting awareness programmes and life skills will be taking part as well as experts from the NRC.


To register: Please contact Mrs. Alyazia Almazrouei

Direct phone number: 023060051



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