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Publish Date: 29-12-2013 | A- A A+

The idea of establishing a specialized unit to educate, train and enable those who are working in drug addiction and psychotropic substances combat sector was driven by NRC mandate under Law No. 7 of 2010 on restructuring the National Rehabilitation Center and by UAE’s commitment to international treaties stipulating that the state parties shall “establish regional centers for scientific research and education to combat the problems resulting from the illicit use of and traffic in drugs” (Article 38 bis, the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961), and “train staff on treating narcotic drug abusers and taking care of them after recovery.”

he institute aims to disseminate drug addiction sciences and enable technical and professional personnel in all fields of drug addiction combat by offering locally and internationally approved specialized training courses and systematic educational and professional programs, in cooperation with local and international partners and peers. It also aims to regularly develop these programs by conducting researches for assessing these programs and the training requirements of those who are working in the drug addiction combat sector.

Achievements of Systematic Training Programs:

  • A higher diploma program in main psychological skills was developed in cooperation with Maudsley Institute, King’s College London, UK and accredited by the Faculty of Medicine, UAE University. 18 UAE Nationals working in the center and healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi were graduated from the institute in 2013. A second batch of students has already joined the institute.
  • Four drug addiction treatment professionals were trained on providing “Matrix Model”, and NCR was accredited as the first provider of Matrix-based treatment in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Two regional workshops were held for training main trainers on the basic interventions to assess and treat drug addiction psychologically and medicinally in cooperation with the Joint Program of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the World Health Organization to treat and take care of drug addicts.
  • Establishing the institute was announced during the annual meeting of the international Commission on Narcotic Drugs at the UN Office in Vienna, March 2013.
  • The center is currently planning to launch several training programs and professional certificates aiming to reduce demand on narcotic drugs, such as the certificate of psychological addiction counseling, which is issued by the American Association for Addiction Professionals.

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