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Publish Date: 30-12-2013

The National Rehabilitation Center seeks through its website to provide all that is new and useful and easy way to ensure easy access and ease of use by everyone. In the framework of modernization based on the site, taking into account several criteria has to conform with the standards of accessibility features where the site easily and simplicity of the interface in addition to color harmony and diversity of images that often use its alternative texts.

Inquiries and suggestions:

If you have any suggestions or questions about the design or content of the site, you can express it through the link "suggestions" link or through the "Contact Us". We are pleased to receive suggestions and taken into consideration and that will develop and improve the site to serve everyone.

Web browsers:

The National Rehabilitation Center was tested by several browsers, but we recommend using Internet Explorer browser 8 that corresponds fully with the site of the National Center for Rehabilitation. We also emphasize the need to update the navigation tools as possible under your computer due to its modern versions of the safety and benefits of the best and you can obtain the latest versions of them free of charge through the links below:

Internet Explorer ie
Mozilla Fire Fox firefox
Opera opera
Apple Safari safari

Adjust Font Size:

You can adjust the volume of texts by property enlarge and reduce the size of the font available on site, as the site can display text size chosen by the user from the site through the browser itself. In the Internet explorer browser on your personal computers (PC) choose the appropriate font size through the View menu.


Programs to open and read files:

Site of the National Center for Rehabilitation is connected to several types of files, which may need some special programs to help review these files, so that you can download this software for free, you can use the following links:

Adobe PDF Reader Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash flash player

The efficiency of the display:

The National Rehabilitation Center site designed in order to function efficiently for a screen with 1024 x 768 pixels resolution.

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