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Publish Date: 29-12-2013 | A- A A+

To deliver on its mission successfully, the National Rehabilitation Center provides several prevention and training programs as follows:

  • Secondary & Relapse Prevention Program: It aims to reinforce treatment results and stop drug-induced effects through weekly sessions for inpatients and individual sessions for outpatients.
  • Fawasel: It is a school-based prevention program designed to protect school students (young and teenagers) against risky behaviors that may lead to any kind of addiction.
  • Family-based Prevention Program: It leverages the family role to oversee and monitor the patients’ conditions and to re-instill the good values and sense of social responsibility in them.
  • Work-based Prevention Program: It involves integrated intervention to ward off potential drug and substance abuse, post-addiction stigma minimization and co-workers’ support.
  • Community Mobilization Program: It is intended to provide an understanding social environment that can protect, support and care for addicts under treatment to reinforce the patients’ recovery and inclusion.


About the National Rehabilition Center

About the National Rehabilition Center



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