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Real Stories

Ibrahim: I never thought drug addiction would be so disastrous

I've always put my craziness and anger on my children and my wife .. I promise my family and children to compensate them for every moment i failed them in.. Entered the National Center a glance .. And came out a completely different look ..


Khalifa: If you are not self-motivated, treatment won’t work out

National Center .. Treatment and rehabilitation really a new future .. Addict will not respond to my advice .. So I'll tell his family for the best ..


Khalifa: I regret I lost my life with no remarkable fingerprint

I ran behind false happiness moments soon disappear.. When I entered the National Rehabilitation Center, I felt the right place.. Coming to the National Rehabilitation Center for the treatment is the most important steps of my life.


Ali: My Insistence on treatment is the best apology to my family

Stay away and say "No" .. I felt humiliated and my psyche was destroyed and lost a lot Lost the closest people to me in moments where the mind is absent Be brave and treatment before a decision was made too late


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