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Ibrahim: I never thought drug addiction would be so disastrous

Publish Date: 29-12-2013 | A- A A+

The Beginning

It’s just one step, whether out of curiosity, why not try an ‘abe’ or ‘babysit’ by a bad guy to be ‘over the moon’, and you’ll find yourself in. once stuck there, you’ll find out it’s all a big lie. Soon, the established relationship with your entourage is unsettled and you turn their lives into hell for all you do care for is just a moment of ecstasy under the influence of drugs.

That’s what actually happened to Ibrahim; he didn’t realize his misdeed until he found himself behind bars. Submitting to his wife’s will, Ibrahim accepted to be admitted to NRC thinking it would be a short time after which he would go back to his bad habit. However, once he got there, everything completely changed, and he gradually responded to treatment including psychological therapy, and then returned to his life and family promising them to make up for every moment of nonfeasance.

Out of Curiosity

At the age of 22, Ibrahim got addicted to heroin, opium, drug pills and hashish.

He remembers his first time “It was just for trying, out of curiosity and looking for fun. I heard that drugs and hashish give a strange feeling and make people happy. In addition, my friends insisted that I should try it, and this encouraged me more, so I said ‘Why not try’ without thinking of the consequences of moving into this world.”

“I had drug addict friends, and I didn’t know anything about drugs except that they would make me happy. I didn’t know that drug addiction would be disastrous; I just wanted to try and have fun” he added.

He adds more details “Because of drug addiction, I had a lot of psychological pressures. I am married and have 4 children, and I suffered from psychological disorders and became nervous, aggressive, and couldn’t control myself when dealing with my wife and children who were afraid of me. I used to beat them, and couldn’t be like any normal husband and father for them. I didn’t take care of them, and all I cared about was what kind of drug and with whom to take it today. I didn’t think of anything good for my life, job, parents and family.”

“My relation with my family got worse and worse, and sometimes I couldn’t afford to buy drugs, so I got mad at them. I even thought of hurting my children, and some time ago I wanted to throw my son out of the window, but my wife got in the way and prevented me from committing a murder and a guilt for which I would be sorry forever. I always put them in a situation of tension, anxiety, alert and emergency” he pointed out.

Initially, I felt happy at the time of having drug, but after some time that changed; day after day, I started to suffer from psychological and physical signs, in addition to my bad and aggressive behavior” he added.
On his most horrible sufferings, Ibrahim said “To enter this hell with all its details is the suffering itself. I wanted to quit but couldn’t; I didn’t have the courage and determination to quit and say (enough).”

“I saw fear and sadness in my children’s eyes, but couldn’t do anything to them. I was under the thumb of addiction from top to toe. I was too helpless to control on myself, and I couldn’t do anything other than troubles, accidents, robbery and other abnormal behaviors” he added.

Ibrahim regretted each day he was selfish and thought of his convenience only. “I was in search for pleasures and obscenities forbidden by God; I hurt myself physically and mentally, and also hurt and ignored my family and parents, and I was a source of sadness and misery to them.”

“I definitely felt very guilty because I neglected my family and myself. I tried to get treatment several times, but I failed. I went to a number of centers but didn’t continue my treatment plan, because I just went there to satisfy my wife after quarreling with her. In other words, I just wanted to calm it down, and then stop going” he made clear.

Decisive Decision

On the decisive decision he took about treatment, Ibrahim said “I was sentenced to jail in some case, and then I had a moment of meditation, and performed ablution and prayers intending to be cured and start a new life away from drug addiction.”

“Encouraged by my parents and family, I headed for the National Rehabilitation Center for treatment. Honestly, at first I was not completely convinced, but I just wanted to satisfy my family by taking medications at the center for some time and then get out back to drug taking. However, after starting the treatment program, I started to think in a completely different way” he added.

“The center provided me with all healthcare, treatment and prevention services, in addition to regular tests and checkups, under a great medical supervision. Treatment stages differ from a patient to another. Once, I started to suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as overall pain, headache, vomiting and insomnia. Then, all that reduced gradually until it was completely gone” he pointed out.

Ibrahim praised NRC multiple roles beyond treatment, as he said “I would like to thank the National Rehabilitation Center for the multiple roles it played helping me to be with you now telling you my story in a complete openness. The center’s social workers and psychiatrists gave us awareness lectures, lessons and pieces of advices, which made us feel comfortable in expressing ourselves. We also had the opportunity to consult them when we faced any problem. Furthermore, we had group treatment; everyone talked about their own experience. All that made me more self-confident, and I felt that thanks to the center and its team I gained education and experience.”

New Life

Ibrahim described his life before and after treatment in NRC, saying “Before going in, my life was filled with tragedy and darkness, but after going in my life completely changed; I became a different person always feeling happy and relaxed. Since day one at the center, it has morally and psychologically supported me, and also encouraged me and promoted my self-confidence.”

“I will protect my family from drug addiction through constant education, filling their free time with useful things and hobbies, being close to them all the time, satisfying them emotionally, giving them enough time and listening to them. Children need our time and support at home, and we should know their friends very well” he added.

“Today, I have completed two years and six months in recovery. I am so proud and happy. Now, people ask about me, and even call me to make sure that I’m OK and consult me on various subjects encouraging and supporting me” he pointed out.

Ibrahim concluded saying “I would like to thank the National Rehabilitation Center for all the support and efforts they made for our good. I would also like to extend appreciation and respect to the Center’s team, every one: doctors, administrative staff, social workers and psychiatrists. Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who supported and asked about me. Finally, I would like to say sorry to all those I have done wrong. My family and parents: please forgive me for those hell-like days, and I promise to make up for you.”


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