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Ali: My Insistence on treatment is the best apology to my family

Publish Date: 29-12-2013 | A- A A+

It is said that if you lose your wealth, you actually lose nothing, and if you lose your health, you lose a lot of things, but if you lose your determination, you actually lose everything. No one can take decisive decisions; only strong-willed people can face difficulties and make the most daring decisions to overcome these difficulties. Furthermore, personal abilities, strong personality and determination are factors of success that take people to the top and protect them from downfall.

This applies to those young people who regained their senses after they indulged in drug addiction deluded by their bad company, and their situation got worse and worse without having the courage to make a decision for salvation.

Here is a true story of a young man who opted for drugs for several reasons, and then everyone, even the closest people, detested him. Under the effect of drugs, he lost reason and offended the dearest person to him ‘his father’, but with determination and willpower he made a decisive decision for recovery after he felt completely lost and ostracized. Thus, he came back to his senses on time.

Talking to ‘Ali’, we can easily catch the main reasons that pushed him to drugs, including the role of family problems and bad company, in addition to what made him resort particularly to the “National Rehabilitation Center” for treatment. We also see how he was sure that the center would treat him in ‘complete secrecy’, and how he regained self-confidence and started to plan for a new future after he lost his job and friends.

The Beginning

At the age of 17, Ali started to use drugs, and now he is 24 years old.

Here’s how it started. “I firstly took Tramadol pills, and within almost a month I became a drug addict. As you know, teenagers experience a lot of physical and mental changes, and out of curiosity and interest in trying I took that way. Honestly, my bad company also played a major role in convincing me to try it.”

After moments of hesitation and silence, he continued “The first reason was an unsuccessful love story which I wanted to forget. Everyone was against this love affair, and this made me desperate. Even my family didn’t take care of me, and I felt that I meant nothing to them, so I chose to take drugs in order to forget all that; but later on, I found out that I was just running away from reality. In addition, I was a quiet and introvert person and had a weak personality, and I thought that drugs would soothe me and make me powerful. I convinced myself that no one would know that I was taking drugs, and even though I heard about the tragic ends of drug addicts, I imagined that it would be easy to quit whenever I want, and I didn’t learn from the experience of my uncle who died after taking an overdose of drugs.”

He stopped talking for a while and then said “I was very afraid of the police, and that my parents might know, but I was encouraged by my bad company who convinced me that drugs would help me to forget my family problems. So I said: I’ll just try it now and quit later.”

About the family’s role in pushing someone to take drugs, Ali said “Of course, if your family was separated, and you felt that no one cared about you or gave you sympathy and moral support, this would make you resort and listen to your friends and even bad company.”

“at the beginning, when I came home in a bad mood after taking drugs, my parents thought that I had a fight with someone, but later on they knew the truth and frequently quarreled with me to make me keep off drugs” he added.

Feeling Guilty

“I often felt guilty and thought of quitting, but I couldn’t. I thought that no one would know about my drug addiction, and I continued to meet with my friends, but after some time they heard that I was taking drugs so they moved away from me.” Ali pointed out.

Temporary Pleasure

Ali describes what it was like after he took some drug, “Initially, I felt happy and high, but after a while I started to suffer from bad physical and mental symptoms which affected my personality, mentality, performance and behavior. I also got nervous and shouted out if anyone talked to me or said ‘you look different and your eyes are red’. I even envied my parents when I saw them sleeping deeply while I couldn’t sleep.”

Suffering and Repentance

“I mostly suffered from losing my family, friends and job, which was my biggest loss as my family eventually will not leave me in this trouble and will forgive me because they know that I was irrational and unstable. You know, it is said ‘Family ties are never terminated’.” Ali made clear.

Then, he added “I had several bad incidents, but the most painful one was when under drugs’ effect I quarreled with my parents and couldn’t control myself so I hit my father and had a fight with my brother, and then tried to kill myself. I put a ‘wire’ around my neck and dropped myself but I wasn’t hurt because under drugs’ effect I forgot to tie up the wire from the back. I was irrational” (and he laughed at himself).

Treatment Course

About his treatment course, Ali said “At first, I didn’t think of quitting, but after getting involved in several cases I resorted to the 12-step addiction treatment program which I left after some time because I felt weak and thought that it wouldn’t help me. However, after the last case I was involved in, I was very humiliated and destroyed, and lost my job and health and even myself. Meanwhile, I thought of myself before thinking of anybody else, and I tried to figure out how to save myself out of this abyss.”

During his treatment course, Ali faced some difficulties, and about that he said “Sometimes, I suffered from difficulties resulting from withdrawing drugs out of my body. These included abdominal pain, headache, insomnia, sleeplessness and diarrhea; and later on these symptoms gradually declined.”

When Ali had the courage and willpower to face his drug addiction problem, he firstly thought of going in Abu Dhabi’s National Rehabilitation Center. “One day, someone came to me to buy drugs, and I sent him to somebody else as I had no drugs that time. Then, the drug squad arrested him and he told them about me. This was my last case before treatment, and on my way to jail I started to think of recovery. I met someone I knew at the drug squad’s office and said to him: Please, I want to be cured; what should I do and where should I go? He said: Contact the National Rehabilitation Center in Abu Dhabi, and God willing they will solve your problem. He spoke well of the center confirming that I will be cured there. So, once I was released I called my mother and told her that I was going to the National Rehabilitation Center for recovery.”

“Honestly, I initially thought that only the center will help me to solve all my problems and will give me medications; but after going in the toxicity elimination section I was encouraged and thought that my main goal would be complete recovery” he added.

National Rehabilitation Center

“I’m so grateful to the National Rehabilitation Center which had a major role in all treatment stages and provided the best treatment techniques, doctors and psychological specialists who helped us overcome psychological conditions, in addition to the social workers who organized group treatment and seminars in which we discussed and shared various topics and experiences, and this enhanced our self-confidence. In a word, the center provided us with psychological, physical and emotional support.” Ali said.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Ali said smiling “Thanks to God and the center, I got cured. When I went in the center, I was told that their privacy and confidentiality policy is a top priority. For example, at the beginning of my treatment course, my mother suspected anything I said and requested my tests, but the center didn’t reveal any information without my approval, even to my mother. The center believes that this policy is very important for the treatment course and encouraging drug addicts to take it. I learned a lot of good lessons such as keeping away from ‘places, persons and tools’. I learned that I should keep away from the places where we used to take drugs and any other place that could remind me of that time. For example, I changed the color scheme and furniture in my room. I also learned that I should keep away from bad company and tools including drugs.”

About the center’s role, he said “It was very helpful. During addiction, drug addicts sometimes think of quitting, but they can’t make it alone because they lack the skills required for recovery. The National Rehabilitation Center provided us with these skills which gave us the power to say ‘enough’, strengthened our personality, helped us regain self-confidence and recognize our mistakes, and taught us how to go back to the right track and start a new life.”

“The center’s role is not restricted to traditional treatment. For example, previously, I wasn’t able to sit like now. Even before taking drugs, I wasn’t able to express myself or talk to people. But, after going in the center, I got the power and ability to express myself, and I got more self-confidence and a stronger personality. The center helped me to be like you see me now; I have control on my behavior and reaction, and I can hold discussions with people. Thanks to the center and the self-confidence it instilled in me, I’m with you now not afraid or hesitant to talk honestly and bravely about my own experience” he added.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

“The emotional and psychological support provided by the center makes us feel relaxed and reassured, and guides us to overcome sickness and plan for our future, and to acquire many skills and benefits. I lived here day by day and I was sure that I was in safe hands that would make my life better and better.” Ali said.

Then, he smiled and added “I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the National Rehabilitation Center for its unlimited support. Confidence was the most valuable thing I go; it helped me regain self-confidence and trust in others. I also felt that the center was responsible for us and always spoke well of us in the community, and that was obvious through the respect we had from the center’s team of doctors and specialists and other staff. We became friends with the center’s staff, and in the Holy Month of Ramadan a group of cured guys, including me, was sent to Saudi Arabia for Umra, and I highly appreciate giving me this great opportunity. That was not all; they also enrolled us in training courses, and I received certificates of computer and English courses. In addition, I will complete the Matrix Program soon, and this is one of the best drug addiction treatment programs.”

“The center provided me with multiple skills and the power to challenge. It also provided me with moral and psychological support, which I badly needed. In fact, it would be very difficult to get all these advantages if I didn’t join the center” he added.

Ali conveyed a message to all those who are worried about facing problems during treatment: “Never think that drug addiction is the solution for your problems or for running away from reality. On the contrary, it aggravates problems which can’t be solved by taking more drugs. Treatment is the only solution, especially if it is conducted by specialists at a specialized place.”

Feeling after Recovery

 “Honestly, I can’t describe my feeling after recovery; relaxation, happiness, peace of mind. The last Eid was the first for me after recovery, and I experienced a new feeling of Ramadan and Eid joys. I thank God for everyday on which I took no drugs, and now I have completed 7 months after recovery.” Ali pointed out.

About the difference between his life before and after going in the center, Ali said “It is completely different. Before, my life was filled with misery and failure; but after going in the center I became relaxed, honest with myself and others, I don’t steal, I don’t lie, I’m stable, organized, pure and clean.”

“Before, I hated school and didn’t want to go to college; but now I’m planning to continue my study and do my best to be successful and make up for the years I lost” he added.

Last Word

“My decision to go in the center for treatment and keeping away from drugs proves that I have changed and started a new life. It also proves my apology to my parents, to me and to everyone I hurt during my addiction. I would like to thank my parents for their support during my treatment course, and also would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the National Rehabilitation Center and its entire staff for the great efforts they made in psychologically, socially, medically, physically and educationally; and for the special care I had at the center.” Ali said.

“Finally, I would like to give a piece of advice to those who have just started to take drugs: drug addiction is very dangerous and leads to a tragic end, so keep away and say no to drugs. Asking an experienced person is better than asking a doctor” he concluded.


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